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Allergy Specialist Of Knoxville

Itchy Rash?

Suffering from an itchy rash?

Skin sensitivity from things we use on a daily basis can cause an allergic rash. You may come into contact with these things as a consumer of products or as an employee of a bakery, hairdresser, dentist, or other occupation that comes into contact with various allergens. However, the causes are numerous, even within each occupational setting, and it is often difficult to determine exactly what is causing the problem.

Allergy Specialists of Knoxville has the capability to test for many product components that may cause allergies:

  • Antimicrobials / Preservatives
  • Corticosteroids
  • Dye colorants
  • External agents / Emulsifiers
  • Eye medicaments
  • Food additives
  • Local anesthetics
  • Medicinal substances
  • Metal compounds
  • Natural origin & plants
  • Perfumes / Flavors
  • Plastics / Glues
  • Rubber Chemicals
  • Supplemental allergens

These allergens will be tested through patch testing – a patch containing a small amount of the chemical is placed on your back for a specific period of time. If you have a reaction, we will then discuss what you reacted to and how you can avoid these triggers.

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